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Artist: Andy Narell

Title: Tatoom

Format: Compact Disc



New from Andy Narell - "Tatoom - Music for Steel Orchestra" w/special guests Mike Stern - guitar, David Sanchez - tenor sax, and Luis Conte - congas, percussion. Mark Walker and Jean Philippe Fanfant - drums. “Given the difficulty of conceiving and executing the vision behind Tatoom, only Narell’s perfectionism could have made it a reality—creating the sound of an entire steel pan orchestra recording in a single studio, when in actuality Narell recorded in a single instrument at a time in multiple locations. The result is a gem.” JazzReview.com “Andy Narell has made so many cool albums of jazzy steel pan (aka steel drum) music through the years he is practically a genre unto himself at this point. A musician of tremendous skill and consummate good taste, Narell takes the pans places they’ve never been before, so far beyond the limited palette of calypso it barely seems like the same instrument.” MixOnline


No. Track Time
1 Izo's Mood 12:08 Sheet Music Available
2 Tatoom 13:56 Sheet Music Available
3 Baby Steps 9:28 Sheet Music Available
4 Tabanca 10:56 Sheet Music Available
5 Blue Mazooka 13:20 Sheet Music Available
6 Appreciation 12:59 Sheet Music Available

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