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Artist: Gary Gibson

Title: Yahboy!

Format: Compact Disc



Gary Gibson's third CD features his new band ("Yahboy!"), along with numerous other special guest musicians. This CD is reflective of his 2004 "Pan Pilgrimage" to Trinidad, but the compositions remain jazz-based and as harmonically intricate as his first two CDs ("My Two Cents" and "CounterMelodies"). Gibson's new band, "Yahboy," is comprised of himself on pans and percussion, Richard Warner on flute and soprano saxophone, Steve Rice on piano and keyboards, Dean Schmidt on electric basses, and Mark Ivester on drums. Guest musicians on the CD include Rich Cole on tenor saxophone, Bill Anschell on piano, Dawn Clement on piano, Chuck Deardorf on bass, Michael Bento on double seconds pans, and Jeff Busch on percussion. You'll enjoy this CD. Like his previous efforts, it has enough depth and detail to satisfy the most critical ears, yet enough aesthetic value to please the casual listener."

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