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Artist: Miami University Steel Band

Title: One More Soca

Format: Compact Disc

Style: Steelband


The Miami University Steelband, directed by Chris Tanner, follows up their debut release, “Burnin’,” with another stellar performance featuring new pieces by Chris Tanner, Darren Dyke, Tom Miller, and Ray Holman.


No. Track Time
1 Jump Up 3:33 Sheet Music Available
2 Hangin' In There 5:26 Sheet Music Available
3 Sweet Nothings 6:44
4 Kimba 4:24
5 Samba de Arcata 4:41
6 One More Soca 4:38
7 Fall From Grace 3:47 Sheet Music Available
8 When Last We Spoke 4:47 Sheet Music Available
9 Give 'im Up 5:43 Sheet Music Available

Price: $9.99

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